First time’s a mistake… The value of lessons learned

In my best Max Bygraves’ voice, “I wanna tell you a story”. About 25 years ago, yes I know I don’t look old enough, I was an Officer Cadet in the Territorial Army. One evening during the OC’s (Officer Commanding) leaving exercise, I was taken under the wing of the OC, partook heavily of the falling over water and ended up not going to bed til 4am in the morning; fabulous you might think…yes I would agree, if I hadn’t got to get up at 6am for PT and a day’s exercise. Making the most of my new

Do you learn the lessons?


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Welcome to Ignition Coaching where our mission is to provide the spark to ignite your potential & to provide the support and challenge for you to develop your potential to the full. Rob Cameron is an accredited Coach & member of the ICF.

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